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Andy Barker Coaching and Training specialises in helping individuls and businesses to unlock their full potential.







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About Andy Barker Coaching and Training

I’m Andy Barker and I’m a coach and trainer. I’m also an author, writer and speaker. My background in business has given me decades of senior management experience ranging from SME and start-ups through to mass-market blue-chip corporations. My passion for coaching and training began many years ago, however it evolved into a career when I qualified as a certified Cognitive Behavioural Coach. I launched my practice, Andy Barker Coaching to focus on performance coaching, life coaching and organisational training. 

Performance coaching takes me into organisations of all sizes in a range of sectors working mostly with managers and leaders. Life coaching enables me to work with clients from diverse walks of life and backgrounds. The enjoyment of guiding a client to experience their previously elusive ‘a-ha!’ moment encapsulates why I love what I do.


I am a Mental Health First Aider and an approved Mental Health First Aid England Instructor. We run both public and in house Mental Health First Aid training courses throughout England. 

I co-created cognitive training company Mind Fitness with my collaborator Beth Wood. The Mind Fitness Programme harnesses neuroscience to teach thinking skills to manage stress, increase resilience and enhance emotional intelligence. We help people to get out of their own way. Our new book Unlock You, based on the Mind Fitness programme is published by Pearson.

I regularly contribute to magazines, newspapers, online publications and radio; writing and talking about personal development, wellbeing and mental health related topics. Speaking engagements have taken me all over the UK, and around the world! From conferences in Australia and Borneo to symposiums and festivals in Edinburgh to Ealing. 


Everyone benefits from Coaching. Andy Barker Coaching and Training offers a range of performance and life coaching options. 


Andy Barker Coaching and Training are Approved Mental Health First Aid England Instructors. We also deliver Mind Fitness training - the preventative half of the mental health equation. 


Please drop me a line to make an enquiry or to discuss your speaking requirements. I speak at conferences and events, talking about personal development through the prism of good mental health, our book Unlock You and Mind Fitness. My collaborator Beth Wood and I often share speaking engagements. 





We work cooperatively with our partner companies in order to expand our offering and harness further expertise and specialisation.


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