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Unlock You

Be calm, confident and happy in just 

10 minutes a day

Unlock you - The new book from Mind Fitness founders Andy Barker & Beth Wood teaches you how.


Do you often feel that you’re getting in your own way? Do you find yourself constantly worrying? Sweating the small stuff? Kicking yourself over past mistakes or misjudgements? Dreading an uncertain future? Do you feel regularly stressed, anxious or angry? Convinced that you’re not good enough? Is your cup often half empty? Would you like to feel more positive? More fulfilled? Be more motivated? Would you like to have greater control over your amazing brain? To feel happier and more content? To realise your full potential? Would you like to Unlock You? Well, you can!

Unlock You is a fascinating and highly accessible journey into the miracle that is the human mind. Your mind. This practical book draws from neuroscience and is packed with facts and ideas. 

Unlock You is your mind’s personal trainer. Your roadmap to positive change. You’ll find new ways to establish your priorities and set achievable goals. You’ll understand more about stress, using positive pressure to propel you whilst controlling performance inhibiting negative stress. Your increased emotional intelligence will reduce conflict, enhance open communication and improve your effectiveness. Your new sense of wellbeing and purpose will inspire and motivate you. 

Unlock You includes the Mind Fitness six week follow up programme that allows you, in just 10 minutes a day, to fully embed your new learning, ensuring you turn the theory into practice. 


Unlock You 
Published by Pearson

Available at Amazon and all good book stores.

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